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Allie (JKH-C-9416)

Allie is a pretty, petite little girl with a nice disposition who we believe is 6-7 years old. She's so cute in her gray tuxedo, with 4 white paws and white ring at the tip of her tail. Allie's foster mom reports that she really enjoys being petted and will let you pick her up. She was probably used to being an only cat before she came to AAP, but has adapted well to the other felines in her foster home. Allie comes when called and she is sociable around people. In addition, she is fastidious about using the litterbox.

We think Allie will be happy as an only cat or with one other male companion. Sorry - we don't know how she is with dogs, but we're sure she'll make a wonderful pet to a someone who will treat her special.

Allie's adoption fee of $115 includes: vet exam, fiv/feleuk test (neg), distemper combo vaccination, rabies vaccination, routine deworming, dental cleaning, flea control and spay.



Bonnie (LV-C-9488)

Bonnie has developed into a beautiful cat! She loves to play and explore her foster home with her other foster family cats. When she is ready for some human loving, she will seek you out for some attention! She will purr immediately upon being picked up and cuddle right into your neck. When it’s time for a rest, she loves to sit on your lap, especially if there is a blanket involved. And, if you don’t have one, Bonnie will come with her own “special” blanket. She has a favorite blanket that she loves to knead and suck on. This magic blanket makes her instantly relax, she starts to purr, and she is in cat-heaven!

Bonnie has been in a foster home with cats, dogs and children. She likes to play and with the other cats and kids (as long as they don’t pick her up), but saves cuddling for the adults (and the kids if they have her blanket). Bonnie co-exists with the dogs – they do not play.

Bonnie will need a little time to transition into your home, as she still has a tendency to get scared with any new or loud noises. If she gets startled, once she realizes everything is alright, she will come right back into the room. If you can be a little patient, because she is so worth it, she’s the cat for you.

Bonnie's estimated date of birth is 5/1/13. Bonnie could be adopted as a single cat, but she would LOVE to have the companionship of another cat - maybe even one of the cats in her foster home - check out our PICK A PAIR page to see if they are still available. Or, you can pick your own pair! If there is already another playful cat in the house she would love that too!

Her adoption fee of $135 includes: vet exam, FeLV/FIV test (neg), distemper combo (FVRCP) vaccine, routine deworming, flea control, microchip and spay.




Holly (WP-C-9537)

Holly is a gorgeous, sweet 2-year-old female. She is loving and comfortable with people, including young children. Holly has settled into her foster home very well. She is flirtatious with her people, loves to be petted and really enjoys lap time! She is quite playful and likes to have her spots and routines. At first shy, she is now comfortable with the other cats and dog, and seems to want to develop friendships, although she has a dominant personality so she would do best with a mellow cat. Her favorite toys are boxes and bags and the almighty Cat Dancer!

Holly needs and deserves a family of her own – do you have room in your heart and home for her? She would really love to be in her furever home soon!

You can meet Holly at Wilmette Pet, 625 Green Bay Road, anytime during store hours 7 days a week. (847-251-6750 ). Although you may want to adopt her on the spot, please know that you will have to go through the application process first.

Holly's adoption fee is $115 and includes her vet exam, FVRCP vaccination, FIV & Feline Leukemia testing (neg)., rabies vaccination, routine deworming, microchip and spay.




Lina (JL-C-9490)

Little Cutie Pie Lina! Doesn't she have the sweetest little face?! Miss Lina is a typical kitten who enjoys playing and romping with her brother and her foster mom's cats but she does tend to be a bit cautious. She is a little shy at first meeting but once she knows you, she has no problem being cuddled in your arms. She will also follow you around the house to see what you're doing. In addition, she is used to a dog.

Lina needs to be adopted with another kitten (like her brother Louie) or go to a home with another friendly younger cat for playtime and companionship.

Her estimated date of birth is 5/1/13 and her adoption fee of $135 includes her vet exam, distemper combo vaccines, rabies vaccine, routine dewormings, spaying and microchip. She is also Feline Leukemia and FIV negative.



Lizzie (TMP-C-9508)


FRONT-PAW DECLAWED: Sweet LIZZIE is a beautiful precious little girl! She is quite charming and according to her previous foster Mom, “extremely purry & talky”! “Princess Lizzie” loves to be brushed and even purrs and talks while she is getting her “hair done”! Sometimes she even talks while she is eating...guess we have to work on those manners :)! She has the daintiest little feeties ever!

Lizzie was found as a stray, and won over the hearts of the family who found her, but couldn't keep her. She is a sweet, mellow girl who is content to sit on a lap. The family who found her brought her into their home, and Lizzie was great with their kids, and their respectful family dog. She would also be great as a single cat.

We have several opinions about her estimated age, but our intuition is that she is probably between 8-12 years old. Lizzie's adoption fee of $80 includes: vet exam, fiv/feLV test, distemper and rabies vaccinations, routine deworming, flea control, microchip and spay. (Front-paw declawed.)






Maya (RH-C-9546)

New Arrival!!

Meet our little Maya! She's a petite one year old female "torbie" (tortoise-shell and tabby) kitty. We're still getting to know her, but here's what we've learned so far:

Maya is very sweet and enjoys laying in your her and she'll purr up a storm. Fun and games consists of the laser pointer, milk carton rings, and a mouse toy filled with catnip. Maya was a little shy at first, but she grows more confident every day. She uses her litter box consistently, coexists well with the two other cats in her foster home and is just the right combination of loving and self-sufficient. Please consider adopting Maya if you're looking for a young, sweet feline companion.

Maya's adoption fee of $115 includes: vet exam, distemper combo vaccination (FVRCP), Rabies vaccination, Felv/FIV test (neg), flea control, routine deworming, microchip and spay.



Misty (MS-C-9440)

Hello there! My name is Misty and I am a beautiful black, female cat with gorgeous yellow/green eyes. It is believed that I am between three and five years old. It was a cold, snowy day this past March when two wonderful people found me huddled in a snowbank by the side of the road. I was hungry and very skinny, but they brought me into a warm house and took good care of me. I am so happy now that all I want to do is sit in your lap, have you pet me and let my loud purring show my gratitude. I would prefer a warm human lap to sit in. I have so much love to give! I hope you could be my forever home. If you are looking for two cats, please check out our Pick A Pair page to see if my former foster home buddy is still available. Or, any another Adopt-A-Pet cat would be great too!

Misty's adoption fee of $115 includes: vet exam, fiv/feleuk test (neg), distemper combo vaccination, rabies vaccination, routine deworming, microchip, flea control and spay. Click here to watch her play!


Nellie (LV-C-9450)

Nellie is a beautiful cat who is very easy going and independent. She is not a needy girl - just hangs around, does her own thing, and occasionally plays with her toy mouse, and if you have a laser light, that gets her going too! She absolutely LOVES finding a sunny spot to stretch out and take a nap…that is the best!
Nellie likes to be picked up high on a shoulder for a good head rub. She also likes to take naps on her foster Mom’s nap in the evening.

Nellie is a pretty mellow girl who would do fine in a home by herself, or better yet with one of the other foster cats that she already knows. Or, if you already have a cat, she has been very receptive to new cats and kittens in her foster home, so she should be fine getting used to your cat too. Nellie is not a "dog-fan", so she would do best in a dog-free home.

Nellie’s estimated date of birth is 5/12/12. Her adoption fee of $115 includes: vet exam, distemper combo (FVRCP) vaccine, routine deworming, flea control, microchip and spay. She tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV.




Sophie (JL-C-9225)

Hi, I'm Sophie, a sweet gray-brown tabby with beautiful green eyes, just 2 years old. My sisters both got adopted but I am still waiting for my furever home. I'm a bundle of energy who loves to play but when I'm tired I will curl up next to you and fall fast asleep. It would be great to be adopted to a home with another friendly boy cat (I prefer them over girls) but I would also do ok as an only child as long as someone is home alot to play with me. I absolutely LOVE to play!

According to my foster mom and dad, I would probably be happiest in a smaller home as I feel most secure in small spaces and although I have my claws, I am very good about using a vertical scratching post. I also love to perch on high places.

Sophie's estimated date of birth is 7/11/11 and her adoption fee of $115 includes: vet exam, FVRCP (distemper combo) vaccination, rabies vaccination, feline leukemia/FIV test, deworming, microchip and spay.





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