Adoptable Dogs!


Updated on 6/29/2015


Harley (BNI-D-4561)


Meet our little 12 pound Harley, a terrier mix who we estimate to be 2 years old. In a matter of a couple days he will be a loving part of your family. He was either ignored or not treated very well in his past so he needs a little time and patience so he can learn to trust you. It only took him a few days to settle in and get comfortable with his new foster family, which includes 2 other small dogs. He enjoys going for walks (he's potty-trained and walks great on leash - woohoo!). When at home he likes to either be on your lap, sit next to you or put his head on your leg – really he just likes to be close but he doesn’t need to be held all the time like many small lap dogs. Harley very much enjoys the company of the older kids in the house – he sleeps with them and is quiet as a mouse through the night. So far there has been little, if any, shedding. You can see a video clip of Harley here that we took on the first day we met him.

Maybe because he's small he gets a little intimidated when people come up to him and make an immediate move to pet him. He likes to warm up to strangers first on his terms (which just means he should be ignored) then, when given a little time, he's fine with them. For this reason, we feel Harley should be adopted to a family with older children (over 12).

Harley will make a great pet with the right family/couple/person who will love him and keep him well socialized.

Harley's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, fecal test (neg), flea control, microchip and neuter.




Hero recently lost his home when his owner, a U.S. Navy veteran, had to give up his 8 dogs after a debilitating stroke left him unable to care for them. Before Adopt-A-Pet and other rescue groups stepped in to save them, the dogs were left alone in the house. Hero is so happy to be with people again, he's bonded quickly with each and every foster mom he's had along the way.  Hero came with complete vet records (pardon the pun) so we know he was well-cared for. His breed is noted as Schnauzer/terrier mix, and though he has the Schnauzer-ish wiry muzzle, to us he looks more like a miniature lab with a beautiful thick wavy coat.  Though he may look black in some of his photos, he's actually a beautiful deep chocolate brown, .  He weighs about 16 pounds and is 3 years old.

 Hero, we have learned, is very sweet but also somewhat shy. He is fine with people he knows--he seems to especially love women-- but wary of strangers. For that reason we think he would do best in an all-adult home. He does not bark, he is house trained, and he's one of the sweetest dogs his temporary foster home has ever fostered. "A delight" in fact.  If you're looking for a small dog who only wants to be your constant companion, you may just be Hero's hero!

You can meet Hero at Wilmette Pet Center, 625 Green Bay Road, anytime during store hours 7 days a week. (847-251-6750). Although you may want to adopt him on the spot, please know that you will have to go through the application process first. If he seems shy or scared, remember all that he has been through and know that once he's "home" he will be your friend for life.

Hero's adoption fee of $325 includes initial vet exam, distemper combo vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, flea/tick preventative, deworming, heartworm preventative, microchip, and neuter.   

Veterans or currently enlisted – show us your ID and as our way of thanking and honoring YOU, we’ll cut his adoption fee in half.

Jillian D15035


Meet Jillian! She is a 9 month old terrier mix who weighs just over 14 pounds.  Truly adorable – her pictures don’t do her justice!  She came from a home with children that had too many dogs, and the owner asked a rescue person to take Jillian and her sister Lillian and find them good homes. We were told that her mom was a terrier mix and dad a terrier/miniature pinscher mix.  Though she may yet have a bit more growing to do, we don't expect that she will be much more than 15 to 20 pounds when she reaches full adulthood.

We  know that Jillian is house trained, loves to play with her stuffed toys, gets along well with other dogs, is quiet in her crate at night, and walks nicely on a leash. She is a very friendly, sweet little dog who just needs someone to love, and to love her. Her foster mom says Jillian likes to just lie in the window in the sunshine and watch the birds, when she's not sitting on the couch next to the cats. 

If you are looking for a well-socialized, easy-going, house-trained older puppy that does well with people and other animals, come meet Jillian!

Beginning June 11th, you can meet Jillian at Wilmette Pet Center, 625 Green Bay Road, anytime during store hours 7 days a week. (847-251-6750). Although you may want to adopt her on the spot, please know that you will have to go through the application process first.

Jillian's adoption fee of $300 includes initial vet exam, distemper combination, bordetalla, and rabies vaccinations, flea/tick preventative, heart worm test (neg), heartworm preventative, microchip, and spay.


Lillian D15034

Lillian is a 9 month old mixed breed, and though we were told her parents were terrier and miniature pinscher mixes, with her short legs and long body it looks like one of her parents was also part Dachshund! She's pint sized at about about 13 pounds. She came from a home that had too many dogs, and the owner asked a rescue person to take Lillian and her sister Jillian and find them good homes.

 Lillian is now doing nicely in her new foster home.  She walks well on a leash, is good in the car and good in her crate.  Lillian has an exuberant personality and makes friends with everyone she meets, and conversely, everyone she meets loves her in return.  In her foster home she plays very well with visiting children.  She even doesn't mind the vet and the groomer!  She's good with other dogs, albeit a little "chatty" with excitement at first.

Lilly has so many good qualities, sometimes it's easy to forget - she's still a puppy!  A puppy who, because of where she came from, missed out on some basic training in her babyhood.  A puppy that still needs 'adult supervision' and guidance - and a lot of appropriate chew toys!  Luckily for whoever adopts her, Lillian's foster dad is one of our most experienced!  Lillian is now mostly housebroken and has learned to lie down and wait before going outside. Her foster dad says she is one of the most responsive dogs he's ever had; she is so very eager to please and so very smart.  So smart, that she will need a lot of mental stimulation and a regular exercise regimen as she grows into adulthood so as not to become bored. 

 But, as smart as Lilly is, there's one test she didn't pass ~ her heartworm test. So we've been treating her for the last couple months, and she's just about over the finish line.  During her treatment she was required to remain quiet and not allowed to run around, and is just now being given a little more freedom and activity level and is rarin' to go. 

 Lillian is a lap dog, and being a great snuggler, hopes you'll let her share your bed -- but only if you want her to.  Overall, she's a very friendly, sweet little dog who is fairly non-demanding.  All she needs is clear leadership, clear rules, clear boundaries, love and affection, which she will return tenfold!  If you are looking for a smaller, intelligent, outgoing older puppy, come meet Lillian!

 Lillian's adoption fee of $300 includes initial vet exam, heartworm test, distemper vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, flea/tick preventative, deworming, heartworm preventative, microchip, and spay.




Missy (D15055)


Calling all Chihuahua lovers - here’s one you won’t want to let slip away!  Meet Missy, a tote-sized sweetie pie (7.5 lbs), 2 year old little cuddle-bug. We got her from the big city pound, nursed her through an upper respiratory infection, and now she’s happy and healthy and ready to find her forever home. 

Here are some things we can tell you about her: She enjoys going out for walks and is easy on leash. Missy knows the command “sit” and comes when you call her. She’ll stop what she’s doing if you say “no” or make a disapproving sound, and she has shown no top-dog tendencies allowing the humans in her foster home to be the alpha figures. She’s great with the kids in her foster home but we do recommend that any children in her new home be old enough to understand that she must be treated gently and with respect. 

We will admit that her foster home allows her to sleep in bed with them, and Missy is like a pig in mud when she gets to burrow under the covers with one or more members of her human pack. Missy hasn't shown too much interest in toys or fetch games, but she excels at cuddling and adores having her tummy rubbed. She's an easy-going and special little “chi” that comes with a bonus….she rarely barks, at least so far. 

Missy’s adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper vaccination, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, routing deworming, flea control, heartworm prevention, microchip and spay.




Mittens (D15077)

New Arrival!!

Mittens recently lost her home when her owner, a U.S. Navy veteran, had to give up his 8 dogs after a debilitating stroke left him unable to care for them. Before Adopt-A-Pet and other rescue groups stepped in to save them, the dogs were left alone in the house. Neighbors stopped by to feed them, but they were not taken out for potty breaks or walks. This explains why Mittens is slightly overweight at 21 pounds and why she loves to go for walks: Show her a leash and she's ready to go!  Mittens came with complete vet records (pardon the pun) so we know she was well-cared for her entire life. Her breed is noted as Brittany Spaniel mix; however, she looks more like a Beagle or hound mix to us.  Whatever she is, she’s adorable!

Mittens’ new foster mom says "I think she’s a lovely girl. Beautiful white (with patches) coat. Sweet, likes to be petted and have attention – but not overly so.  The perfect balance.  Prefers being with people instead of playing with other dogs. Likes to be where you are. Good company. Did not even acknowledge the cat!"

Mittens is about 7 years old, the perfect age for someone looking for a ready-made, well-socialized pet that is past the crazy hyper stage but still has that spark in her eye and spring in her step.  She’ll be just as content to spend time with you on the couch as she will taking you for a walk!  In fact, if bored, she might even try to take HERSELF for a walk!  She's a smart, athletic girl that just might decide to climb your chain-link fence to explore the other side, if left alone in your yard.  So due to her inquisitive nature, yard time for Mittens should be a family activity. 

This beautiful girl is people friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly, house trained, crate trained, leash trained, well mannered, and good looking to boot!  She is looking for that special someone out there who has room in their heart and in their home for a sweet, intelligent dog as a way of thanking and honoring her former owner.  Now, THAT would be a perfect fit!   If you are looking for a mature, sociable, easy-going dog to take on walks and keep you company, come meet Mittens!

Mittens’ adoption fee of $225 includes initial vet exam, distemper combo vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, flea/tick preventative, deworming, heartworm test, heartworm preventative, dental cleaning and extractions, microchip, and spay. 

 Veterans or currently enlisted – show us your ID and as our way of thanking and honoring YOU, we’ll cut her adoption fee in half.


Pandora D-15054



We all have heard the legend of Pandora's Box.  Pandora was given a wedding gift of a beautiful box, given the condition that it must never, ever be opened. After time, though, she opened the box, releasing all kinds of terrible evils onto mankind.  She slammed the box closed, but then heard one more tiny voice emerging from the box, asking, begging to be released. She again opened the box and what remained inside was Hope.

Hope is Pandora (Panda for short), always looking to please, to play, to make you smile. Hoping for a second chance to become part of your family. Hoping that that special person will come and find her, let her be the dog she is supposed to be, and be her companion forever.

 Panda is an 11 month old girl weighing in at about 50 pounds.  She has a beautiful sleek coat that looks black at first glance but actually has chocolate overtones, captivating soulful eyes, and a smile from ear to ear.  Though we would have guessed, just based on her looks, that she was some sort of lab-terrier mix had we not known any better, we actually have a DNA test on her that shows she is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, Small Münsterlander, Whippet Cross.  Go figure that one out!

 Panda is house trained, knows basic commands, will go into a crate if needed, walks very well on a  leash, plays great with any dog, and is just about the best "move in condition" kind of girl you'll come across.  Her coat is very short and will be very low maintenance and low shedding which is a big plus.  She is trustworthy in the home and doesn't chew, (well unless your fuzzy slipper looks so much like a toy that she just has to run around trying to get it to squeak!)  She is, simply put, just a nice, good dog.  However, she has one dilemma:  Panda has a 'rap sheet'. 

 Panda was adopted as a small puppy and returned 8 months later for 'biting' incidents.  What we've learned about her is that she is energetic (as most puppies are) and can tend to get excited and will jump up on people, which can lead to over-excitement and nipping/biting behavior.  Her family eventually resolved that this behavior was not something they were suited to deal with.  So, back she came.

 The good news:  This is very fixable.  Panda is currently living with a foster trainer right now and making progress.  In fact, her foster mom tells us that Panda is one of the 'easiest' dogs we've ever given her.  Still, Panda now has the stigma of a bite record, whether justly earned or not. Therefore, she should not go to a home with children, although experienced teenagers could be okay.  Her person or family will need to have the know-how and commitment to provide strong leadership, positive direction and adequate daily exercise.  If you are that person, you will end up with a super loyal, loving dog that will add enjoyment and gratification to your life beyond your wildest expectations.  This dog has unbelievable potential!

 Panda's adoption fee of $275 includes heartworm test, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, and she is spayed.  Her adopter will also receive her Breed Ancestry Certification (DNA test) and ongoing training support from her current foster trainer.


Pepe (JW-D-4619)

Do you have room in your heart for Pepe?  A chihuahua/terrier mix, Pepe loves to play fetch and does so with speed and agility - a kind of "pocket-rocket" at 10 pounds and 2 years old.  Always up for some fun and adventure, he will never say “no” to cuddling and belly rubs. In fact at the end of the day (or really any time of day) he is eager and willing to settle in and watch your favorite TV show or read a book with you.  Pepe thinks he's a tuff nut, but can be a little shy in new situations. Once he understands all is good and safe, nothing will hold this little fella back from experiencing everything you can offer.  

Definitely a Ladies Man, Pepe will keep the women happy showering them with attention, cuddles, and kisses. Not saying he's not up for manly time with guys, he is more of a lover than a fighter.  Pepe is playful with other dogs and will share toys with them, (check him out in play mode in this video) and has really bonded with his new foster mate Lady.  With some, he can be a little bossy around his food, which he cherishes just as much as the attention and affection you can shower on him. His curiosity with cats combined with the nature of his breed, he may give chase -- however if the cat is dog savvy, one swipe will show him that cats do rule the roost. 

Pepe's dream home should have a secure yard where he can run, play, sniff and seek out those pesky squirrels. A yard isn’t mandatory if you plan to offer him lots of opportunities to run and play.  While he doesn't love his crate, he does tolerate it, almost as if he realizes that it’s helping him learn the "house rules" when nobody is home to guide him on his list of acceptable behavior.  He doesn't chew, but he does love chew treats, carrots being right up there. Pepe's not much of a barker...yes, he does bark when he's on watchdog patrol, but not so much otherwise.  Click here to see him at play!

So as asked in the beginning, do you think you have room in your heart for this loving little guy? He certainly has plenty of room for you.

Pepe's adoption fee of $280 includes: initial vet exam, heartworm test (neg) and heart worm preventative, distemper combination vaccination, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, routine deworming, flea control, neuter and microchip.




Sergeant Pepper (JS-D-4608)

Hey, Everyone. My name is Sergeant Pepper, even though everyone just calls me Pepper. On the outside I’m a BBD – big black dog (with a big white bib on my chest). And on the inside I’m one of the FRIENDLIEST, SWEETEST, GENTLEST dogs you could find. Still reading? Good! Here’s my story.

I was given up by my owner a couple of years ago and dropped off at a county shelter in southern Illinois. My family had way too many animals and they couldn’t care for all of us. The folks at the shelter became my family, and they tried their best to make my life as happy as they could. In fact, when they realized what a nice guy I was, they would occasionally bring me to a local nursing home to visit the people there, so you see I am even "therapy dog" material (see photo!). Those were my favorite days because people actually paid attention to me - it was so nice to get a break from the noise and loneliness of my life in a cage. Day in and day out at the shelter folks would always pass me by for the younger, cuter dogs. Then, AFTER 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS (but who’s counting?) MY LUCK CHANGED when the folks at Adopt-A-Pet offered to foster me....and it has been a dream come true since then. I finally got a (temporary) home and family! No more Lonely Hearts Club Band for me!

My foster mom tells me she loves me about...a million times a day. She tells me that it's because I'm such a good boy - I never bark, I'm house-trained, I'm one of the most awesome leash walkers she has ever seen, I am 100% trustworthy in the house, I love kids and all humans, I get along with cats and rabbits, and - once I acclimate - I enjoy my canine siblings too, although I would be perfectly happy being the only dog in the house...that would mean more attention just for me.

Right now I'm a little overweight (too many treats + not enough exercise living in a cage at the shelter). But my foster mom and I are now hitting the trails every day, and I feel better already as I get into shape. Probably by the time you read this I’ll have lost some weight and looking more stud-a-licious, like a proper lab like me should be! And, btw, the AAP vet thinks I’m about 7 years old.

So are you the person/couple/family I’ve been waiting for, and am I the perfect dog you’ve been waiting for? If we’re a match, I promise to love you with my whole heart and light up your life.

My adoption fee of $150 includes a vet exam, heartworm test, DHAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, dental cleaning and neuter.



Scooby D15051


Meet Scooby! He has the head, body shape, and size of a Beagle, but the coloring of an Australian Cattle dog. Although we are just guessing about his ancestry, we do know his personality: friendly like a Beagle, alert and curious like a Cattle dog. He weighs in at a nice, easy to manage 20 pounds, and is about a year and half old. He's been with us a few weeks now, so we can say for sure he's a real sweetheart. In fact, we think the only reason he hasn't been adopted already is no one has met him in person!


His foster mom tells us he loves playing with his toys, enjoys going for walks, and--most of all--likes being with people. Scooby is house-trained, crate-trained, and walks nicely on a leash and doesn't pull (unless a rabbit comes along!) He is good around other dogs and pretty much ignores the resident cats. His foster mom thinks he would be great with kids since he is so easy-going, friendly and gentle.


Scooby is the type of dog that likes to snuggle and cuddle during the day, and sleep right on your bed at night. He likes to be at your feet, or lying under your desk while you work. He is used to being crated when his humans leave, and shows no signs of anxiety. He needs basic obedience training, but has good inside manners and understands the word "No".


Scooby's adoption fee of $290 includes his initial physical exam, distemper combination, rabies and bordatella vaccinations, dewormer, microchip, flea & tick and heart worm preventatives, neuter, and heart worm test (negative).

Asked to describe Scooby in one sentence, his foster mom says this: "Best companion dog ever: no greater happiness for this guy than loving-- and being loved -- in his new forever home!"




Solo (D-15045)



Meet beautiful Solo who is a bully breed mix of a most delightful variety. At just one year of age, she is playful and puppy-like in her behavior and responds to positive reinforcement.  She loves to run and play fetch in her foster home’s back yard, and with the help of the resident dog has recently discovered the joy of chasing squirrels, too.  Typical of her breed, Solo will make herself at home in your lap but since she’s not a small dog and your lap may not be big enough, the next best thing would be snuggling up close and being petted. 

Solo's foster mom recently provided us with this update: "Solo has fully adjusted to family living and seems very happy and content. She has also been accident free for several weeks so I would say she's house-trained." 

Solo knows the command “sit”. She is a natural (walks well) on the leash and allows the dog who she’s living with to lead the way (has no aspirations to be the alpha dog in her foster home).  She enjoys the company of other dogs – plays well with them, and has a gentle nature that would make her good with children (although she might be a tad much for toddlers). We were recently able to cat-test her as well as child-test her with young ones and it could not have gone better.  Solo was led to the cat on the sofa and they just sniffed each other. Then Solo moved on to sniff the two little girls.  She was very calm and gentle with both cat and little humans.  The way Molly, Solo's foster mom put it: "She was so calm and collected - I felt like a proud mother. She will be a wonderful, loving addition to any household."

Here is a video  we got when we took her outside at the big city pound where we found her.  If you're looking for a new canine family member, you really should consider this lovely girl.

Solo’s adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg.), distemper combination vaccination, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, flea control, routine deworming, spay and microchip.

Sweet Pea (D15071)


Can you imagine being out on your own and only weighing 7 pounds? This little Sweet Pea was found all by herself, wandering the streets, by an elderly man. He wanted to keep her, but couldn't. Adopt A Pet agreed to help find her a new home, and now she is here with us. We don’t think she will be waiting long, since everyone she meets falls in love, instantly! Her foster home tells us she is perfectly content in her crate, but she is not yet house-trained. She plays nicely with other dogs, loves kids, and is learning not to bother the resident cat. She has your typical puppy energy and sweetness; she is a real sweet pea!

Sweet Pea is about 13 weeks old. She looks like she might be part Beagle, due to her coloring. But she has very fine bones and is light as a feather, so we think she's a small breed mix, possibly part Jack Russell terrier or maybe Chihuahua. Our best guess is Sweet Pea will be a small to medium-size dog when fully grown, but only those willing to take pot-luck should apply! Since she is still young, Sweet Pea will need a family where someone is home part or all of the day to complete her potty training. Obedience training or enrollment in a puppy class is also required.

You can meet Sweet Pea at Wilmette Pet Center, 625 Green Bay Road, anytime during store hours 7 days a week. (847-251-6750). Although you may want to adopt her on the spot, please know that you will have to go through the application process first.

Sweet Pea’s adoption fee of $350 includes: vet exam, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative and spay.



Tricia (D15073)


Beatrice (Tricia for short) was picked up by Animal Control in Missouri and when no one came to claim her she was taken to a vet clinic to be euthanized. Tricia was put outside in a kennel, but somehow she escaped.  She was later found sitting in the front seat of the vet's truck (he had left the door open).  Apparently, Tricia was ready to go to work!  After this incident the vet realized her potential and placed her with a rescue. Now that we know her, we can say this vet certainly knows a great dog when he sees one!  This adorable gal is super sweet, enough to just melt your heart!

Tricia is a lovely young girl, probably between 2 and 4 years old, and weighs about 26 pounds.  Her breed is a mystery, she kind of looks like a miniature husky, mountain cur, shepherd or terrier all rolled into one.  We've confirmed that she loves to ride in the car, and also learned that she is housebroken (though likes to take her time to find the right spot when taken outdoors for a potty break), already knows some commands, doesn't bark, is easy to walk on a leash, gets along great with other dogs and ignores cats. She sleeps in a crate without complaining, but doesn't even need to be crated at night -- in fact, she's now sleeping on her own doggy bed.  She's active and playful and enjoys a good run.

At her first foster home Tricia bonded right away with the lady of the house, and followed her everywhere. She has all the makings of a smart, loyal, good family dog.  "All in all she is a GREAT dog. She will be a super pet for her forever family,"  according to her foster mom.  Apparently she is a seasonal shedder (and this is the season!), so her adopter should know that she will need regular brushing. 

So this little girl is now ready to meet her forever family.   Come on over and meet Tricia and take her for a car ride -- home!

 Tricia's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test, distemper combo vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, deworming, flea and tick preventative, heartworm preventative, microchip and spay.

Adopt-A-Pet, Inc.    P.O. Box 408      Mt. Prospect, IL 60056     (847) 870-8999