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Updated on 8/26/2014


Charlotte (JS-D-4339-R)


Have you been searching for the dog of your dreams? Well, you ought to take a look at our special girl, Charlotte, a wonderfully sweet, beautiful, long-legged 3 year old hound mix (or Plott Hound?) who we found at the Chicago pound after her owners left her there, skinny and frightened. Since she has come to us, she has gained about 15 pounds and is healthy and strong at 75 pounds.

Charlotte is an awesome dog. She is extremely quiet, well-mannered, housebroken, and she gets along very well with her canine foster sister and all the dogs she has met. She loves to go for walks and is an A+ student when it comes to listening to directions not to pull on her leash, and she's gradually learning to control her urge to chase squirrels and rabbits. Charlotte is initially quite shy and unsure of herself in new and transitional situations, but with patience, time and reassurance, she adjusts and becomes more trusting and confident.

She enjoys playing with other medium/large dogs, but she might try to dominate high energy puppies and small dogs. She loves to run and explore although dog parks can be overwhelming for her. Charlotte loves getting rubbed and petted, and she loves to curl up on the couch with her head in a lap. Sleeping at night next to her human seems to provide Charlotte with a sense of security. For this reason we believe that she will do best in a home where she is welcome on the furniture and bed.

Charlotte needs ongoing reassurance that the rest of her life will not be like her past. For Charlotte to be successful in her adoptive home, we want to match Charlotte with a patient and loving family who will be sensitive to the triggers that make her anxious, and participate in ongoing efforts to help her evolve into the happy, confident dog she is well on the road to becoming. We think she would do best in a home where she is not left along for long periods of time. If you think that might be you, Charlotte would love to meet you. You can see her in this video clip with her 2 foster pals.

Charlotte's adoption fee of $200 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper-parvo combo vaccination, rabies vaccination, bordetella vaccination, fecal exam, deworming, flea control, microchip and spay.

Chico (EM-D-4557)

This is our little Chico. Although he has the coloring of a toy fox terrier, we're pretty sure he's a chihuahua. He's a tiny boy, weighing in at 4.5 lbs. Poor little Chico probably had a scary beginning in life as he's on the timid side, but he's getting much better in his foster home as he learns that nobody is going to hurt him. He walks well on leash and is good with older children (8+) who would be gentle with such a tiny dog.

Chico comes when he's called, enjoys playing with his toys, and he LOVES playing with other dogs so if you have a lonesome pooch at home looking for a playmate, this little guy may be a good choice. He probably wouldn't be good for apartment living since he does bark at outside noises. We think Chico will do well with a patient and gentle person/couple who can give him guidance and who will help him learn that people will treat him well consistently, so whatever he experienced earlier in his life just becomes a dim memory. Imagine how gratifying it would be to watch his confidence grow. And, btw, he's very, very cute!

We estimate Chico to be about 4 years old, and his adoption fee of $325 includes the following: vet exam, heartworm test, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, and neuter.

Learn all about toy fox terriers here:



Deeni (WT-D-4572)


Hi! My name is Deeni which is a pet name for Gardenia. Spelled backwards it is Ineed Ö and I really, really do need a loving forever family. I am a pretty spaniel mix about 5 years old, 27 lbs and all black with a white blaze on my chest. I am such a good and loving little girl my foster mom doesnít understand why my previous family did not search to the ends of the earth to find me. She says Iím the best dog they ever fostered. How good am I? Well Ö Iím housebroken, get along with dogs, great with people, trainable, not a chewer, share my toys, like my crate and seldom bark. Thank goodness Iím past that frenzied hormonal young dog stage! I even stood calmly while my foster mom put medicine in my ears Ė which are all better now. Playing fetch with my stuffed lamb is fun and I carry it around with me. Also, I know laps are to crawl into; sometimes I fall asleep and sometimes I just make myself available for petting. In the house Iím a couch potato, settling down calmly in the nearest chair or couch, but outside the spaniel in me arises, my nose to the ground as I hurriedly sniff out squirrel, rabbit and other critter tails and trails. I listen when my foster family says the ďNoĒ word, but I get so excited when we go for a walk I try to hurry ahead. Sit is something I am just learning, but since Iím so smart I am picking it up really fast.

All I want is a family to love, and a family that loves me. I promise Iíll be good, please give me a chance.

Deeni's adoption fee of $285 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, deworming, flea control, heartworm preventative, microchip and spay.


Fresca (WP-D-4573)


This little girl is Fresca, a sweet mixed breed pup, currently weighing in at about 5 pounds. We know mom was a hound mix about 45 pounds, and dad is unknown. Because we do not know what size, weight, shape, breed or appearance Fresca will grow into as an adult, only those willing to take pot luck need apply. Though she is a new arrival, she appears to be a typical young puppy, full of puppy sweetness and puppy energy. Because she is still a baby, she should not be left alone for long hours. She will need a stay-at-home person to implement her housebreaking, socialization and general obedience. She will be ready for puppy school right after adoption. Stay tuned for more photos and info on Fresca as we get to know her better.

You can meet Fresca at Wilmette Pet Center, 625 Green Bay Road, anytime during store hours 7 days a week. (847-251-6750 ). Although you may want to adopt her on the spot, please know that you will have to go through the application process first.

Fresca's estimated date of birth is 5/22/14 and her adoption fee of $350 includes: vet exam, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, microchip, deworming and spay.



Gage (JW-D-4552)

Engage with Gage! A sweet 1-2 year old male hound/setter (?) mix. Gage found himself dumped at the pound when his young owners decided they had too many animals and couldn't take care of them all. He came to us with ribs showing, very underweight at 48 pounds. He is reported to have grown up with cats, loves kids and other dogs, and is very playful.
He's quite a Tripp! ... see him frolic at (please be patient, it may take a little while to load)

Though he's new to Adopt-A-Pet, his new foster mom has this to say about him: He's a good, funny, friendly boy. Gets along with the other dogs, relatively well mannered, seems housebroken and hasn't destroyed anything yet :-) He doesn't seem to like to be left alone and will bark at first, but does settle down eventually as long as nothing disturbs him. I think he just wants to be with someone and not left alone. He still doesn't like the crate, although I can get him in there for food, but after he's done he wants out. That hasn't been an issue since he's done nothing wrong being left out.

He enjoys sunning himself in the yard, but true to his breed, he has lots of energy. He jumped up onto the outdoor hot tub as easily as taking a step! He will need a family that will give him adequate exercise on a daily basis.

Gage's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test, distemper combination vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, deworming, microchip and neuter.


Holiday (DBA-D-4545)

Holiday is a beautiful 55 pound shepherd mix, possibly with collie, estimated to be about 3 years old. Through no fault of her own she lost her home of three years because the kids lost interest. In her former life she lived mostly in an outdoor kennel. She is slowly learning to trust and and feel secure in her new indoor surroundings. She is becoming comfortable being around other dogs (all big) and is trying to get all the house cats to play with her (with absolutely NO success). She has accepted being kenneled when her foster family is not home and likes to cuddle on the couch! She is so very sweet, is housebroken and is great going for walks on leash. She is not a barker in general, but if there is 'action' going on in the house and she thinks she is being left out, she will bark to get her attention. She has controlled energy. not always looking for something to do, but ready to do stuff once her people are up and wanting to play outside. She still should be crated when home alone as she learns what's hers for chewing and what's not.

Holliday is still a bit timid. Though she was reported to have come from a home with children that she played with, we cannot verify. She is getting used to living indoors and closer human contact, but still does not like hugs and kisses; she'll avoid and pull away. Dogs like this, when cornered, often feel threatened. For this reason, we recommend a household without young children, though dog-savvy teens would be okay.

Holliday's adoption fee of $285 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg.), distemper combination vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, fecal exam, deworming, microchip and spay.



Nunnie (ABR-D-4571)



Meet Nunnie, a strikingly beautiful young female 30 lb. Jindo type that came all the way from South Korea in search of a loving home. Her estimated age is 1 to 2 years. 'Nun' means snow in Korean so her name matches her fluffy, soft, white coat. She was rescued from the street in Korea in the meat market district and it is unclear if she has ever had the luxury to be an indoor dog. Read more about her amazing rescue story here:

The Korean Jindo Dog is a breed of hunting dog, known for its fierce loyalty and brave nature, and further described as active, bold and intelligent. Jindos are double-coated spitz-type dogs, similar in appearance to the smaller Shiba Inu and the larger Akita - translation: be prepared for shedding. The typical Jindo is very affectionate with its loved ones, but often wary of strangers. Jindos are of medium to high energy and they make great house dogs as long as they are provided good mental and physical stimulation. Jindo dogs enjoy the outdoors and need reasonable space to roam and run, consistent vigorous walks or jogs and robust fenced yard play.

Nunnie absolutely LOVES to go outside for walks or even short jogs but she could use some work on the leash due to her excitement. She's a very curious dog and enjoys seeing the neighborhood around her, but she is still a bit fearful of big trucks or loud noises (lawn mowers). After some initial grumbling towards our resident dog, they have made friends and they now get along fine, even sharing pillows sometimes. Nunnie even tolerates our cat, but we feel she would love to have a home where she is the center of attention and can give and receive all the affection she deserves. She stays off our furniture, but it's obvious from the way she melts when petted that she would love to be someone's lap dog.

Nunnie's adoption fee of $285 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, deworming, flea control, heartworm preventative, microchip and spay.

Roxie (SF-D-4580)

New Arrival!!

The nameís Roxy and I am one awesome well-bred example of the perfect mutt. Maybe a little lab, a little terrier, a little husky - I mean, who knows? At an estimated 2 years, a trim 54 lbs., my light tan and white coat, and dark mascara lines around my eyes that any human actress would envy, I could easily fit the top 25 percentile of best looking in age and weight range for the mongrel class.

Not only that, when I come into a personís home I display proper manners Ė unlike some of those less fortunates who never received a good education in etiquette. What are good manners, you ask? Well, it is all the basic stuff, Iím sure you understand; chew only on dog items, rest in the dog bed and not on the furniture, food on counters and tables belongs to someone else, don't bark unless you have something really important to say, share bones and toys when asked and, of course the big one, the commode is outside, not inside. Of course, there are some things that are simply out of my control Ė like shedding, it happens OK? People need to learn to get a brush and deal with it. The other thing is squirrels Ö they are absolutely fascinating, intriguing, captivating and suck a dog in like a black hole does space debris. I really donít expect humans to relate, itís a dog thing, we canít help it, itís in the genes. When my folks allow, I love to play fetch, mostly in the house though because Ö you know Ö there are squirrels outside so itís very, very hard to stay focused.

My humans are helping out with my continuing education and I have graduated to Sit, Wait and Come on the deck. Come is a little difficult, but Romulus and Remus were not raised in a day, so it will just take some time. They are also helping with my focus; again, it takes time but the rewards are, though not long lasting, very tasty. At night, my lady has her tea while I settle down in my crate with my peanut butter Kong bedtime snack (and any treats that have been secreted in the crate when I wasnít looking). I would rather be with people, and do let my opinion be known by fussing a bit when left alone. I would love to find another dog of my size to engage in play.

Roxy's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, deworming, flea control, heartworm preventative, microchip and spay.


Sparky (EM-D-4581)

New Arrival!!

Meet Sparky! Weighing in at 12 lb., this cute little guy is in the 5-7 year old age range and looks like a Jack Russell Terrier mix (maybe a little Corgi) to us. He's a friendly little boy - seems to have a slight preference for women, and does fine with children so far when he's been with them. Since he's new to Adopt-A-Pet, we don't have much information other than that but we will update this profile when we do.

Sparky's adoption fee of $250 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), dental cleaning, routine deworming, heartworm preventative, microchip and neuter. His vaccinations include distemper, bordetella and rabies.


Summer (MCON-D-4484)


Bring some extra Summer into your life! This cute little boy is a retriever mix, 10 months old as of July 1st and 30 pounds. He has a sweet personality that will warm your heart. Summer is easy-going, just like his mother, a 40 pound lab retriever mix. He loves all people and other dogs!

His foster mom says Summer is outgoing but not overly energetic, and that he is a real "people dog". He loves just hanging out with us, or snuggling with our dog. He's incredibly easy and non-demanding. Summer is completely housebroken; he just needs to be kept on a regular schedule. A fenced back yard would be a big plus: Summer will not always go potty while on a leash. He loves neighborhood walks and is very well behaved at the dog park.

Summer has been in a foster home his entire life (never a shelter) so he is very well adjusted to the routine of family life. He would be a great family dog: he is playful, but very calm for a young dog. He is not a chewer, or a jumper, and walks very nicely on a leash. He gets along extremely well with other dogs and would make a great addition to a multiple dog family. He is also very patient and friendly with young children. He is a favorite with the local Petco groomers, and is a great companion in the car. Summer is ready for puppy school and for a family of his own.

Because of a viral illness when he was a baby, Summer's adult teeth were damaged and had to be removed. However, it in no way affects his ability to eat dry dog food or chew on rawhides. If you want a dog with perfect teeth and no known history of illness, he's not the dog for you. If you want a dog with a complete medical history and a close to perfect disposition, then Summer could be the dog for you!

Summer's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test, flea preventative, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming and neuter.

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