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Updated on 3/29/2015


Black Pepper (SO-D-4626)

New Arrival!!

Black Pepper is a 14 week old Border Collie mix, who looks and has the sweet personality of a black lab. He currently weighs about 16 pounds, and loves to sit in your lap and cuddle. Although he gets along well with other dogs, he is definitely a people person! In fact, it seems he wants to be a lap dog when he grows up. Black Pepper is extremely sweet-- if not downright affectionate--and the favorite of all his foster homes and his vet.  In addition to being dog friendly, the vet staff told us he was friendly with their resident cat.


His brother Basil, who was adopted 2 weeks ago, is not only house-trained already but has been taught voice and hand signals, and to come when you whistle. Black Pepper shows all the signs of being a great family dog, and, if he's anything like his brother, is very smart and will be easy to train. He has just been moved to a new foster home, for house-breaking and basic obedience training. 


Because we do not know what size or appearance Black Pepper will grow into as an adult, only those willing to take pot luck need apply. We do know he is a typical puppy, full of puppy sweetness and puppy energy.  Like any Border Collie mix puppy, with the right amount of mental stimulation and lots of exercise or time off-leash in the back yard, he will sleep like a rock at night. Because he is still young, he should not be left alone for long hours and will need someone in his new family to keep him on his potty schedule, and continue his general obedience training.  Black Pepper will be ready for puppy school right after adoption, where he is sure to be the star of the class!




Chico (EM-D-4557)

This is our little Chico. Although he has the coloring of a toy fox terrier, we're pretty sure he's a chihuahua. He's a tiny boy, weighing in at 4.5 lbs. Poor little Chico probably had a scary beginning in life as he's on the timid side, but he's getting much better in his foster home as he learns that nobody is going to hurt him. He walks well on leash, comes when he's called, enjoys playing with his toys, and he LOVES playing with other dogs so if you have a lonesome pooch at home looking for a playmate, this little guy may be a good choice. He probably wouldn't be good for apartment living since he does bark at outside noises. We think Chico will do well with a patient and gentle person/couple who can give him guidance and who will help him learn that people will treat him well consistently, so whatever he experienced earlier in his life just becomes a dim memory. Adults only, please. Imagine how gratifying it would be to watch his confidence grow. And, btw, he's very, very cute!

We estimate Chico to be about 4 years old, and his adoption fee of $250 includes the following: vet exam, heartworm test, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, and neuter.

Learn all about toy fox terriers here:

Cooper (WP-D-4639)


Meet Sooper Dooper Cooper! Estimated to be about 4 years old, he weighs in at 13 pounds. This adorable terrier mix is a friendly and charming boy. He is new to Adopt-A-Pet so we are still learning about him, but the pound he came from informed us that they brought him to a nursing home and he was a big hit with everyone, going from lap to lap and sitting with each senior for a bit.  Stay tuned for more info as he settles in at his new foster home, Wilmette Pet Center. You can see him in action here!

 You can meet Cooper at Wilmette Pet, 625 Green Bay Road, anytime during store hours 7 days a week. (847-251-6750). Although you may want to adopt him on the spot, please know that you will have to go through the application process first. The adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heartworm test, distemper combo vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, deworming, flea and tick preventative, microchip and neuter.



Harley (BNI-D-4561)

Meet our little 12 pound Harley, a terrier mix who we estimate to be 2 years old. In a matter of a couple days he will be a loving part of your family. He was either ignored or not treated very well in his past so he needs a little time and patience so he can learn to trust you. It only took him a few days to settle in and get comfortable with his new foster family, which includes 2 other small dogs. He enjoys going for walks (he's potty-trained and walks great on leash - woohoo!). When at home he likes to either be on your lap, sit next to you or put his head on your leg – really he just likes to be close but he doesn’t need to be held all the time like many small lap dogs. Harley very much enjoys the company of the older kids in the house – he sleeps with them and is quiet as a mouse through the night. So far there has been little, if any, shedding. You can see a video clip of Harley here that we took on the first day we met him.

Maybe because he's small he gets a little intimidated when people come up to him and make an immediate move to pet him. He likes to warm up to strangers first on his terms (which just means he should be ignored) then, when given a little time, he's fine with them. For this reason, we feel Harley should be adopted to a family with older children (over 12).

Harley will make a great pet with the right family/couple/person who will love him and keep him well socialized.

Harley's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heart worm test (neg), distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, fecal test (neg), flea control, microchip and neuter.

Hashtag (WP-D-4632)


Meet our little Hashtag - notice the photo indicating the freezing little mess he was when we found him (no telling how long he had been out wandering), but we think he's simply adorable now.  Hashtag is a shih-tzu, estimated to be 2 years old.  There is some indication that he was perhaps treated poorly in his prior life, but there is also indication that once he trusts you (it doesn't take long), he is a total love bug.  We haven't had him long, so the few things we can tell you are that he LOVES children and is rather non-reactive to other dogs and cats. He has no problem being held - rather likes it really, and is quite the little cuddle-bug.  We'll update as we learn more about him, but we may not have him too long as he is so cute. 

 You can meet Hashtag at Wilmette Pet Center anytime during store hours 7 days a week (625 Green Bay Road, 847-251-6750).  Please know that although you might want to adopt him on the spot, you will have to complete an application first.  Applications are processed by AAP and not by Wilmette Pet Center although they have apps on hand there or you can download one from our website. 

Hashtag's adoption fee of $325 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper combo vaccination, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, routine deworming, flea control, bath and haircut, heartworm prevention medicine, microchip and neuter.



Hutch (TMP-D-4622)




Adopt-A-Pet isn’t known for featuring a lot of bully breeds, but when the man who is now his foster dad called us, we knew he was trying really hard to do whatever it took to find Hutch a wonderful home.  Hutch had been kept in a too-small crate in a bathroom most of his life (he’s just turning 3 years old). His life consisted pretty much of going outside to potty and back into the crate. And the crate didn’t even have a soft surface….just the wire bottom.

 Rather than presenting as damaged goods from a neglectful background, it’s like he’s making up for all that lost time – he’s all waggy and has been amiable to everyone he meets, both on 2 legs and 4 legs.   We know Hutch looks a little scary and formidable, but don’t let his looks deceive you.  He is a super friendly dog and a real mush-ball.  He’s been fine with all the other dogs he has met - in fact, he has a doggy girlfriend that he meets up with sometimes on his walks and they just go all flirty with each other.  Little dominant barky dogs have approached him, but he just wags his tail and wants to meet them.  While his foster home has been keeping him separated from the cat (by just a doorway barrier) he recently allowed them to go nose-to-nose: the cat signaled who was boss by bopping him on the head and Hutch just walked away, depressed that he couldn’t make a friend. 

 While he is strong at about 90 pounds, his hind legs were extremely weak from being crated too much, and he had trouble getting from laying to standing, but his foster dad is exercising him regularly and he’s gotten a lot stronger. At the time of this writing he has dropped about 8 pounds but still needs to lose a little more weight. Maybe by the time you read this he will be down to his ideal weight, since he’s running more and eating less.  And, although Hutch is, by virtue of his breed, a physically strong dog who thoroughly enjoys playtime, he hasn’t displayed any alpha tendencies or frenetic energy, and he shifts gears seamlessly into relaxing mode, kind of a Type B dog.

 Hutch’s adoption fee of $250 includes: vet exam, heartworm test, distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, routine deworming, flea control, microchip and neuter.

Lady (JW-D-4638)


Well she's all you'd ever want, she's the kind you'd like to flaunt, and feed her dinner. And she always knows her place, she's got style, she's got grace. She's a winner. This is  Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, this is Lady. Talking about this little Lady. And this Lady could be yours!

Any more reasons why you need a new "Lady" in your life?  She's pretty, polite and playful. Just about the most perfect, move-in ready pet you could ever ask for: housebroken, doesn't chew, well-mannered and sociable. With a little work on the leash and greeting people (she's very enthusiastic meeting new friends), Lady will steal your heart. She is in her glory both playing with people or peers and sitting comfortably by your side. You will simply melt when she looks at you with those adoring eyes just pleading for attention and affection. As always, a new home requires some acclimation, but this sweet girl shouldn't take long to adjust to your liking. Wanting to please, she looks for guidance to understand exactly what you ask.  

Lady is estimated to be 3-4 years old and may very well be a full lab, although we don't know for sure.  Her adoption fee of $290 includes vet exam, distemper combo vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, heartworm test, heartworm preventative, routine deworming, flea preventative, microchip and spay. 

FOSTER HOME'S NOTE:  Need double the love? Lady and Pepe have become the "Mutt and Jeff" of couples. Lady constantly fusses over Pepe and he loves her affection. You will never be cold again, with Pepe snuggled on your lap and Lady nuzzled by your side!

Levi (PZ-D-4606)

Meet Levi, a handsome fellow with a beautiful brindle coat and stunning light eyes. This guy is a real head-turner. His breed is unknown, but most likely a mixture of a little of this, like plotthound, and a little of that, like mountain cur, and a dash of this, like lab, and a pinch of weimaraner-like eyes. Levi is estimated to be about 4 years old and weighs in at 49 pounds.

He was a favorite at our vet clinic and is friendly to everyone – adults, children, dogs, cats… He has even won over his foster sister who can be a bit of a bully and initially wasn’t too happy that she was no longer the only dog. After only a few days they were sharing toys and beds even though they don’t both fit in the same bed! He just takes everything in stride and only wants to play. When he’s not playing with his foster sister, he entertains himself with bones or retreats to his bed to nap.

Levi is house trained and well behaved. He’s a smart boy and learned to sit and stay very quickly. When it’s meal time, Levi will sit very excited, but patiently waiting for permission to eat. Check out his video as he prepares to dive into dinner. When he comes in from a walk, he’ll sit at the front door and wait until his foster mom goes all the way to the other end of the house and calls him – then he’ll bolt to her and get his reward treat. He’s calm, not a barker, and good on a leash. He’d love to meet you and continue his education!

Levi's adoption fee of $290 includes: vet exam, distemper combo and bordetella vaccinations, heartworm test (neg), heartworm preventative, rabies vaccination, deworming, dental cleaning (as well as a fractured canine removed), flea and tick preventative, microchip and neuter.


Nella (DB-D-4652)


Nella is a very friendly and gentle girl, about 22 pounds and estimated to be about one year old.  Her breed is anyone’s guess.  She looks like a miniature yellow lab, but her long and low to the ground body suggests possibly a corgi type, possibly hound, or even some sort of spitz mix to give her the small stature.  Her foster mom describes her as “Small, compact, soft fur, blonde and energetic.  I’ve never had so much trouble coming up with a breed description before!  Freeking adorable . . . Is that a breed?” 

Nella immediately settled into her foster home, and loves everyone as they love her. She is the type of dog who is friendly to everyone she meets - two legged or four.  She likes to play and especially enjoys chasing and retrieving balls.  Nella is house-trained (scratches at door to go out), good on a leash, likes to run in the back yard, but also enjoys a good snuggle on the couch. She likes to play with cats (but not aggressively), eats well and is not protective of her food. She is not happy spending time in her crate, but her foster mom is working on getting her crate-trained.


Nella may be just the dog if you are looking for a friendly, easy-going, family dog.  Her foster mom says: Nella is a SWEETHEART!!  Whatever her mix is seems to give her the best of both worlds:  sweet, loving, friendly, and active.  She's all ready to "go home".


Nella's adoption fee of $300 includes vet exam, heartworm test, deworming, distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, flea/tick preventative, deworming, heartworm preventative, microchip and spay.


Pepe (JW-D-4619)

Do you have room in your heart for Pepe?  A chihuahua/terrier mix, Pepe loves to play fetch and does so with speed and agility - a kind of "pocket-rocket" at 10 pounds and 2 years old.  Always up for some fun and adventure, he will never say “no” to cuddling and belly rubs. In fact at the end of the day (or really any time of day) he is eager and willing to settle in and watch your favorite TV show or read a book with you.  Pepe thinks he's a tuff nut, but can be a little shy in new situations. Once he understands all is good and safe, nothing will hold this little fella back from experiencing everything you can offer.  

Definitely a Ladies Man, Pepe will keep the women happy showering them with attention, cuddles, and kisses. Not saying he's not up for manly time with guys, he is more of a lover than a fighter.  Pepe is playful with other dogs and will share toys with them, (check him out in play mode in this video) and has really bonded with his new foster mate Lady.  With some, he can be a little bossy around his food, which he cherishes just as much as the attention and affection you can shower on him. His curiosity with cats combined with the nature of his breed, he may give chase -- however if the cat is dog savvy, one swipe will show him that cats do rule the roost. 

Pepe's dream home should have a secure yard where he can run, play, sniff and seek out those pesky squirrels. A yard isn’t mandatory if you plan to offer him lots of opportunities to run and play.  While he doesn't love his crate, he does tolerate it, almost as if he realizes that it’s helping him learn the "house rules" when nobody is home to guide him on his list of acceptable behavior.  He doesn't chew, but he does love chew treats, carrots being right up there. Pepe's not much of a barker...yes, he does bark when he's on watchdog patrol, but not so much otherwise.

So as asked in the beginning, do you think you have room in your heart for this loving little guy? He certainly has plenty of room for you.

 FOSTER HOME'S NOTE:  Need double the love? Pepe and Lady have become the "Mutt and Jeff" of couples. Lady constantly fusses over Pepe and he loves her affection. You will never be cold again, with Pepe snuggled on your lap and Lady nuzzled by your side!




Sergeant Pepper (JS-D-4608)

Hey, Everyone. My name is Sergeant Pepper, even though everyone just calls me Pepper. On the outside I’m a BBD – big black dog (with a big white bib on my chest). And on the inside I’m one of the FRIENDLIEST, SWEETEST, GENTLEST dogs you could find. Still reading? Good! Here’s my story.

I was given up by my owner a couple of years ago and dropped off at a county shelter in southern Illinois. My family had way too many animals and they couldn’t care for all of us. The folks at the shelter became my family, and they tried their best to make my life as happy as they could. In fact, when they realized what a nice guy I was, they would occasionally bring me to a local nursing home to visit the people there, so you see I am even "therapy dog" material (see photo!). Those were my favorite days because people actually paid attention to me - it was so nice to get a break from the noise and loneliness of my life in a cage. Day in and day out at the shelter folks would always pass me by for the younger, cuter dogs. Then, AFTER 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS (but who’s counting?) MY LUCK CHANGED when the folks at Adopt-A-Pet offered to foster me....and it has been a dream come true since then. I finally got a (temporary) home and family! No more Lonely Hearts Club Band for me!

My foster mom tells me she loves me about...a million times a day. She tells me that it's because I'm such a good boy - I never bark, I'm house-trained, I'm one of the most awesome leash walkers she has ever seen, I am 100% trustworthy in the house, I love kids and all humans, I get along with cats and rabbits, and - once I acclimate - I enjoy my canine siblings too, although I would be perfectly happy being the only dog in the house...that would mean more attention just for me.

Right now I'm a little overweight (too many treats + not enough exercise living in a cage at the shelter). But my foster mom and I are now hitting the trails every day, and I feel better already as I get into shape. Probably by the time you read this I’ll have lost some weight and looking more stud-a-licious, like a proper lab like me should be! And, btw, the AAP vet thinks I’m about 7 years old.

So are you the person/couple/family I’ve been waiting for, and am I the perfect dog you’ve been waiting for? If we’re a match, I promise to love you with my whole heart and light up your life.

My adoption fee of $150 includes a vet exam, heartworm test, DHAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, dental cleaning and neuter.



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