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Updated on 12/20/2014


Bo  (TMP-D-4611)


Affectionate, entertaining and well-behaved in the house: that’s our Bo, a one year old Apricot poodle mix. He is friendly, bright, and likes to play, especially with his squeaky toys. He also loves long walks and though he weighs only 10 pounds, he can easily keep up with the big dogs, making him a great exercise partner. He’s also a performer – he walks on his hind legs to entertain the neighborhood children.

Back at home, Bo is an affectionate companion who will sleep at your feet (or on your lap – whichever you prefer) for hours. He is well-behaved in the house – his foster family reports that he isn’t nosy, doesn’t chew on anything other than his toys, and rarely barks. He is learning basic commands and catches on quickly.

Because Bo is a “people person,” he will do well with an owner who will take him everywhere and not leave him alone in the house. So if you’re looking for a full-time companion who loves to walk and also loves to snuggle, contact us about Bo.

Bo's adoption fee of $300 includes the following: vet exam, heartworm test, DHAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, and neuter.




Charlotte (JS-D-4339-RR)


We want to introduce you to Charlotte, an 80 lb, 4 year old Plott Hound mix who we rescued from the Chicago pound 2 years ago. She was emaciated and terrified when we found her, but she evolved into a phenomenal dog. Charlotte is initially shy in new situations, but, with patience and kindness, she relaxes and enjoys the company of humans of all ages.

Charlotte was adopted 3 months ago to a wonderful family, but an incident between Charlotte and her canine sister erupted recently over a rabbit that they both claimed and ended up causing injury to the other dog. Although the dogs both forgot about it quickly and there have been no problems since, her family has decided to return her due to their unique personal circumstances and the fact that they cannot control the wildlife in their backyard.

So Charlotte is, once again, looking for her forever home...and this time, we REALLY need it to be FOREVER.

Charlotte is a wonderful jogger, a world-class snuggler, and one of the most devoted and loving dogs EVER. She's pretty good on leash but you will get a little pulling if she spots a squirrel. Charlotte is not fond of small, barky dogs with a Napoleon complex, so we do not recommend that she be adopted to a family with pint-sized canines. However, she has lived amicably with a rabbit and other dogs, and she is supposedly cat-friendly. Charlotte would probably love another dog to play with, although her new family must be comfortable with her recent history of “going native” over wildlife in the yard.

Here's a little bit of what the heartbroken family that is relinquishing her reports: “Charlotte has added greatly to our family. Both Charlotte and our dog Miley eat in our kitchen in separate bowls. She has no food aggression and anyone could walk over and pick up her food bowl. Charlotte will wait patiently for treats, will sit if you ask her and she will take the treats very gently. She loves to go on car rides and will lay down in the back seat or sit and just check everything out. She doesn’t jump on guests when they come over and will wait for some pets from them or just go lay on the couch. About a week ago we a had large birthday party for my daughter and we had about 45 people of all ages in and out of our house and Charlotte was fantastic and loved all the attention. She loves to cuddle up with you on the couch and lay her head on your lap. She walks on the leash ok and will sit and let you put her harness on. She hangs out on the couch with me and follows me upstairs at bedtime and goes right to her dog bed. She waits for us to get up before she asks to go out or move around. In the morning when my daughter is getting ready for school, if she leaves her sock down Charlotte will sneak over and take them and sit on the couch by them. It has turned into a game the two of them play. It's so cute. Charlotte and Miley love to play together and there has never been a problem. The only things Charlotte does not like: visits to the vets office, barky small dogs, and being separated from Miley.
Charlotte is a really great dog with a very cool personality. This is the first dog we have ever had to give up and it really breaks our hearts. We know our dog Miley was not innocent in the rabbit incident but she was the one who suffered the injuries. After the fight the dogs came in the house and laid next to each other and there have been no signs of aggression since. We have a pet rabbit and his cage is in our living room and even after the dogs killed rabbit in the back yard they have no interest in the one in the house. The problem is we have a daughter with special needs and she is now afraid to be home alone with Charlotte. So when we are not home with my daughter we have to separate the dogs and this causes them both a lot of anxiety. We’ve given this a lot of thought but I just can’t have a dog that my daughter is not comfortable with. Also I cannot control the rabbits and squirrels entering the yard and I am now on edge that something may happen again. I really hope someone will open their heart and give this wonderful dog a home. I know she will bring them great joy.”

Charlotte's adoption fee of $200 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), distemper-parvo combo vaccination, rabies vaccination, bordetella vaccination, fecal exam, deworming, flea control, microchip and spay.


Chico (EM-D-4557)

This is our little Chico. Although he has the coloring of a toy fox terrier, we're pretty sure he's a chihuahua. He's a tiny boy, weighing in at 4.5 lbs. Poor little Chico probably had a scary beginning in life as he's on the timid side, but he's getting much better in his foster home as he learns that nobody is going to hurt him. He walks well on leash, comes when he's called, enjoys playing with his toys, and he LOVES playing with other dogs so if you have a lonesome pooch at home looking for a playmate, this little guy may be a good choice. He probably wouldn't be good for apartment living since he does bark at outside noises. We think Chico will do well with a patient and gentle person/couple who can give him guidance and who will help him learn that people will treat him well consistently, so whatever he experienced earlier in his life just becomes a dim memory. Adults only, please. Imagine how gratifying it would be to watch his confidence grow. And, btw, he's very, very cute!

We estimate Chico to be about 4 years old, and his adoption fee of $250 includes the following: vet exam, heartworm test, DAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, and neuter.

Learn all about toy fox terriers here:

Gilbert (SF-D-4605)

The name Gilbert is a Teutonic and American name meaning “oath”, in English “Trusted”, in French “Bright lad” and in German “Bright Pledge”, and he is definitely all of these. We think he is a beagle-blue tick hound mix, but he’s not talking so it’s anyone’s guess. Though his picture makes him look black and white, he is actually dark brown and white. Gilbert is conveniently-sized at 33 lbs, conveniently-aged between 4-6 years old (maybe younger), handsome and easy-to-groom and has the hounds’ appealing soulful expression.

Want a happy dog? That’s Gilbert all the way – his tail never stops wagging and his belly regularly pops up for rubs, and let us not forget his fondness for being a lapdog. He likes to play with toys and will even play by himself. Fetch is his favorite game, though the return needs a little work. He is housebroken. His current curriculum includes working on better leash manners, sit and come.

Hounds were developed as hunting dogs and they have many hunting dog behaviors hardwired into their genes, which means they:
• adore their people,
• are very athletic and need much more than a couple walks around the block,
• are easygoing and laid-back indoors when well exercised, can be a rambunctious handful when not exercised,
• have ‘selective deafness’ whenever their nose and exploratory instincts send them running after adventure,
• LOVE exercise, play, and outdoor activities (hunting, jogging, biking, hiking, and swimming),
• are good-natured with people and other dogs,
• are best in a fenced yard where they can stretch their legs without succumbing to wanderlust,
• are best kept on leash unless very well trained as they are inveterate explorers who will follow their nose over hill, over dale, through the woods … and onto highways,
• gave the term ‘chowhound’ its meaning, they devour their food, and anyone else’s they can procure,
• are a smart working dog, it is their nature to figure out ways to outwit prey -- and sometimes people too,
• tend to follow the beat of a different drum (i.e. can very stubborn / obstinate),
• obedience training can be a challenge and must be upbeat and persuasive (include food rewards).

You won’t find a sweeter, friendlier more loving dog than Gilbert.

Gilbert's adoption fee of $290 includes: vet exam, distemper combo and bordetella vaccinations, heartworm test (neg), heartworm preventative, rabies vaccination, deworming, flea and tick preventative, microchip and neuter.

Harley (BNI-D-4561)

Meet our little 12 pound Harley, a terrier mix who we estimate to be 2 years old. In a matter of a couple days he will be a loving part of your family. He was either ignored or not treated very well in his past so he needs a little time and patience so he can learn to trust you. It only took him a few days to settle in and get comfortable with his new foster family, which includes 2 other small dogs. He enjoys going for walks (he's potty-trained and walks great on leash - woohoo!). When at home he likes to either be on your lap, sit next to you or put his head on your leg – really he just likes to be close but he doesn’t need to be held all the time like many small lap dogs. Harley very much enjoys the company of the older kids in the house – he sleeps with them and is quiet as a mouse through the night. So far there has been little, if any, shedding. You can see a video clip of Harley here that we took on the first day we met him.

Maybe because he's small he gets a little intimidated when people come up to him and make an immediate move to pet him. He likes to warm up to strangers first on his terms (which just means he should be ignored) then, when given a little time, he's fine with them. For this reason, we feel Harley should be adopted to a family with older children (over 12).

Harley will make a great pet with the right family/couple/person who will love him and keep him well socialized.

Harley's adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, heart worm test (neg), distemper/bordetella/rabies vaccinations, fecal test (neg), flea control, microchip and neuter.

Hazel (ABR-D-4600)

When you meet Hazel you'll almost want to be wearing shin guards to protect yourself from her ever-wagging tail! This sweetheart is a hound mix with a beautiful brindle coat, estimated to be about 2 years old, weighing in at 60 lbs.  She immediately makes friends with anyone she meets and loves getting close for an affectionate pat and nuzzle.

Hazel has just completed heart worm treatment, so the vet has her on limited exercise until mid-December.  Once she gets the OK from the vet, she will be ready to lead a normal, active life.  To celebrate, Hazel will want to go out and run circles in the backyard. She's interested in sticks, balls, and toys so she should make a great partner in fetch or keep-away. Hazel is so excited to get out of the house on her short walks that we know she will love taking longer, vigorous walks or even jogs.

Hazel is doing very well on her house training--in fact, she hasn't had any accidents after her first two weeks in her foster home. She is good in a crate, and sometimes goes in of her own accord to take a nap.  She likes shoes and sometimes her foster parents don't always find them where they left them... hmmm . . . but as long as she is kept supplied with rawhides and bones, the shoes are safe.  She absolutely LOVES chomping on rawhides.

Hazel gets along great with the resident dog in her foster home, even sharing doggy beds with her. She would be a great second dog if you are looking for a play partner! She has also learned to co-exist with the family's two foster cats.

Hazel is ready for her new home and new family any time you are! If you are looking to bring a dog home for the holidays, Hazel would love to meet you.

Hazel's adoption fee of $290 includes: vet exam, distemper combo and bordetella vaccinations, rabies vaccination, heartworm test and treatment, heartworm preventative, deworming, flea and tick preventative, microchip and spay.




Levi (PZ-D-4606)

Meet Levi, a handsome fellow with a beautiful brindle coat and stunning light eyes. This guy is a real head-turner. His breed is unknown, but most likely a mixture of a little of this, like plotthound, and a little of that, like mountain cur, and a dash of this, like lab, and a pinch of weimaraner-like eyes. Levi is estimated to be about 4 years old and weighs in at 49 pounds.

He was a favorite at our vet clinic and is friendly to everyone – adults, children, dogs, cats… He has even won over his foster sister who can be a bit of a bully and initially wasn’t too happy that she was no longer the only dog. After only a few days they were sharing toys and beds even though they don’t both fit in the same bed! He just takes everything in stride and only wants to play. When he’s not playing with his foster sister, he entertains himself with bones or retreats to his bed to nap.

Levi is house trained and well behaved. He’s a smart boy and learned to sit and stay very quickly. When it’s meal time, Levi will sit very excited, but patiently waiting for permission to eat. Check out his video as he prepares to dive into dinner. When he comes in from a walk, he’ll sit at the front door and wait until his foster mom goes all the way to the other end of the house and calls him – then he’ll bolt to her and get his reward treat. He’s calm, not a barker, and good on a leash. He’d love to meet you and continue his education!

Levi's adoption fee of $290 includes: vet exam, distemper combo and bordetella vaccinations, heartworm test (neg), heartworm preventative, rabies vaccination, deworming, dental cleaning (as well as a fractured canine removed), flea and tick preventative, microchip and neuter.


Pepe (WP-D-4619)

New Arrival!!

Meet little Pepe who was found on one of those really cold days in November roaming in Union Park in Chicago.  The nice man who found him reached out to us rather than bring him to an unknown fate at the city pound. Unable to find his owner, he kept him for close to 2 weeks and said he's a great little dog.  

A smidge under 10 lb, the vet guessed Pepe's age to be 1.5 - 2 years old. He's mostly chihuahua but we suspect he might have a few teaspoons of Jack Russell terrier in him. Pepe adjusted quickly to the store staff and is easily handled.  He's good with other dogs, loves people of any age, and is easy to leash walk.  He's itching to get up and close to the cats and the huge rabbit at Wilmette Pet Center where he's being fostered,  but we're pretty sure all he wants to do is investigate these strange creatures.  We're quite confident in assuring his adopter that their lap will be kept warm by this little nugget and they'll always have a sleeping partner.   

You can meet Pepe at Wilmette Pet Center anytime during store hours 7 days a week.  They're located at 625 Green Bay Road, and their phone is 847-251-6750.  Keep in mind that although you may want to bring Pepe home on the spot, you will first have to complete an application.

Pepe's adoption fee of $280 includes: vet exam, heart worm test (neg), distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations, fecal test (neg), routine deworming, microchip and neuter.



Red (MC-D-4617)


Hi! My name is Red, and I'm a long(ish)-haired Doxie mix. I'm about a year old and weigh 14 pounds. I'm somewhere around a year old, maybe a few months younger, maybe a few months older. I am a quiet little guy (which I've been told is unusual for a Doxie!) and I am house-trained (ditto). I am also so very happy to be here! My former owner couldn't keep me, and took me to the vet to be euthanized. The vet saw that I was just a puppy (and a very handsome, friendly one, if I do say so myself) and called a rescue group instead.

At my foster home I've been on my very best behavior-- I don't bark, chew, or whine in my crate at night. I want to find the perfect forever home, so I am trying to be the perfect dog! I really like playing with my new foster sister dogs--although they outweigh me by 50 pounds--and I like taking walks. But what I love best is being with my foster mom and her teen-age daughter. So I just lounge on my comfy doggy bed near them (or on the couch when my foster mom isn't looking). I just want to be part of a family, and be loved. Is that too much to ask?

My adoption fee is $375 and includes all of the following: vet exam, distemper combo and bordetella vaccinations, rabies vaccination, deworming, flea and tick preventative, heartworm preventative, microchip and neuter.



Ritz (JCAS-D-4602)


This little boy is Ritz, a sweet mixed breed pup, currently weighing in at about 29 pounds and born in late July this past summer. Although he looks black in the photos, he actually has some faint red/brindle markings and is much more handsome in person than his pictures show. 

Ritz and his 2 sisters came to us along with their mom Hazel, who is a 60-pound hound mix. From his looks, we’re guessing his dad may have been a terrier.  Ritz is a happy-go-lucky sweetheart of a guy, who is very well socialized, smart, eager to please, and ready to go home to be part of your family!  Check out this video to see how sweet he is.

His foster mom describes him as AWESOME!  After only a week and a half, he has already had an accident-free potty day (compared to 10 accidents on day one), he has learned "sit" and "lay down" and has very fine-tuned snuggling skills. If you are looking for a dog to keep you warm on the couch, in bed, on the floor, or wherever, he's the dog for you! He laid his head down on the back of his foster dad's legs while he was on the floor fixing the oven - and fell asleep!  He also crawled into another person's lap while he was sitting on the ground working on fencing - and fell asleep again!  Bottom line, if your home repairs call for cuteness, you have to meet Ritz :)

Given his well socialized background, Ritz adores playing with other dogs, puppy, full grown, or otherwise and would likely do best in a household where he isn't the only dog.  If the only dog, we know he would love to go to dog parks or have lots of play dates with 4-legged friends. 

Because we don't know what size, weight, shape, breed or appearance Ritz will grow into as an adult, only those willing to take pot luck need apply. You can take a look at Hazel on our website for a preview of how he might very well appear as an adult.  Because Ritz is a typical puppy, full of puppy sweetness and puppy energy, he should not be left alone for long hours and will need person that isn't away for long hours to implement his housebreaking, socialization and general obedience. He will be ready for puppy school right after adoption. 

Ritz's  adoption fee of $300 includes: vet exam, distemper combo and bordetella vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick preventative, microchip and neuter.



Rufus (MCON-D-4616)



Rufus is an extremely sweet, very intelligent, 1 1/2 year old mix. Maybe part shepherd, part collie, part something else. A nice medium size at 41 pounds. We don't know anything about his history other than that he showed up at a farm in Missouri and started herding the resident chickens and ducks. The farmer contacted a rescue group, who treated him for a badly infected front leg. Unfortunately the leg will require further treatment. Adopt A Pet hopes to be able to save both the dog and his leg.

Here's what his foster home says:
"Rufus is very good with my excitable terrier, and approaches other dogs in a friendly manner. It's clear he doesn't have much experience walking on a leash, so he watches my dog closely to see how it is done, and trots happily by her side. He is food motivated and very smart, so training should be easy. After just 3 days he is already sitting for treats and learning to heel, and I hope to add to his skills. For a former farm dog, he has excellent house manners! He has had not a single accident or marking incident in our house. He is ok being crated, but has been so good we let him sleep in a dog bed during the night. I have caught him moving shoes around, but he has not damaged them, so he is not a destructive chewer. He is very even-tempered and calm, not at all scared of things he's never seen before like trains, school buses, or baby strollers.

His coat is a beautiful black and warm brown, and is shiny and silky after his much-needed bath! Although he weighs 42 lbs., he would like to be a lap dog and loves to snuggle and have his tummy scratched. He is fitting in very well with our family, very quickly!"

Rufus's adoption fee of $300 includes a vet exam, heartworm test, DHAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, treatment of leg infection, and neuter.

If you are looking to invest in a dog for your family, come meet Rufus. We think he's well worth the investment.

Sergeant Pepper (JS-D-4608)

Hey, Everyone. My name is Sergeant Pepper, even though everyone just calls me Pepper. On the outside I’m a BBD – big black dog (with a big white bib on my chest). And on the inside I’m one of the FRIENDLIEST, SWEETEST, GENTLEST dogs you could find. Still reading? Good! Here’s my story.

I was given up by my owner a couple of years ago and dropped off at a county shelter in southern Illinois. My family had way too many animals and they couldn’t care for all of us. The folks at the shelter became my family, and they tried their best to make my life as happy as they could. In fact, when they realized what a nice guy I was, they would occasionally bring me to a local nursing home to visit the people there, so you see I am even "therapy dog" material (see photo!). Those were my favorite days because people actually paid attention to me - it was so nice to get a break from the noise and loneliness of my life in a cage. Day in and day out at the shelter folks would always pass me by for the younger, cuter dogs. Then, AFTER 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS (but who’s counting?) MY LUCK CHANGED when the folks at Adopt-A-Pet offered to foster me....and it has been a dream come true since then. I finally got a (temporary) home and family! No more Lonely Hearts Club Band for me!

My foster mom tells me she loves me about...a million times a day. She tells me that it's because I'm such a good boy - I never bark, I'm house-trained, I'm one of the most awesome leash walkers she has ever seen, I am 100% trustworthy in the house, I love kids and all humans, I get along with cats and rabbits, and - once I acclimate - I enjoy my canine siblings too, although I would be perfectly happy being the only dog in the house...that would mean more attention just for me.

Right now I'm a little overweight (too many treats + not enough exercise living in a cage at the shelter). But my foster mom and I are now hitting the trails every day, and I feel better already as I get into shape. Probably by the time you read this I’ll have lost some weight and looking more stud-a-licious, like a proper lab like me should be! And, btw, the AAP vet thinks I’m about 7 years old.

So are you the person/couple/family I’ve been waiting for, and am I the perfect dog you’ve been waiting for? If we’re a match, I promise to love you with my whole heart and light up your life.

My adoption fee of $150 includes a vet exam, heartworm test, DHAPP (distemper combo) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip, deworming, flea and tick prevention, heartworm preventative, dental cleaning and neuter.



Sparky (EM-D-4581)

Meet Sparky! Weighing in at 12 lb., this cute little guy is in the 5-7 year old age range and looks like a Jack Russell Terrier mix to us (maybe a little Corgi ?).

The Good Stuff – Sparky is a fun little dog with a big personality, typical terrier energy and cute as a button. His foster home reports that he’s all about the ball - He lives and loves to play ball, so his adopter should know that going in and have a fenced yard for him to run around in and be the kind of person that will engage him in play. When it's settling down time, he’s a snuggle bug and will be happy to share your bed with you at night if it’s allowed.

The “Needs Work” Part – His big personality also means that he should be adopted to somebody who knows how to be a leader - not an "all love, no rules" kind of adopter. His foster home is working on overcoming what appears to be a history with no training and minimal socialization, and she has made significant progress in teaching him what good behavior is and overcoming his shyness and fearfulness. With a proper introduction, he will get along with other dogs, but is not yet a candidate for a dog park type environment. Sparky is still a little fearful and reactive of humans 'coming at him' suddenly or unexpectedly, so he will need an adults-only home.

Since he still has a bit of a way to go in his transformation, we’re looking for Sparky’s new human(s) to take on the alpha role and continue his training. He’s a smart little guy, responsive to correction, so this should actually be fun and gratifying. He can be a delightful little companion for the person or family that will invest in him and give him the time he needs to adjust and gain security and build a trusting relationship.

Sparky's adoption fee of $200 includes: vet exam, heartworm test (neg), dental cleaning, routine deworming, heartworm preventative, microchip and neuter. His vaccinations include distemper combo, bordetella and rabies.


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